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released December 13, 2011



all rights reserved


NIGGERS Новосибирск, Russian Federation

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Track Name: High School
Sit on my ass, part of the class
Something I’m supposed to know
Waiting for bell to ring in my head
23 years in a row
The same school jerks everyday
They are not letting me out
There are cops and politicians
They are my teachers now
My life is like a high school, man
But the bullies are much stronger now
My life is like a high school man
The whole world’s like school yard
Drills until my mind spills
Practice mind abuse on me
Bottom-up or top-down
Test my validity
Eternal lessons, my whole life
From those who demand respect
Waiting hours to be myself
But tomorrow I go back on the track
My life is like a high school, man
But the bullies are much stronger now
My life is like a high school man
The whole world’s like school yard
There’s no way out (x3)
The whole world’s like school yard
Track Name: Mr. Dickhead
Mr. Dickhead makes our record
Mr. Dickhead likes shitty metal
Mr. Dickhead does not like Black Flag
Mr. Dickhead, you’re fucking scumbag!

He works in a studio
He knows something we don't know
He will tell us what to do
He knows when the sound's really cool

Make us wait for a month or two
When it's suitable for you
To pay some mind to dicks like us
Make us feel how much we suck

No matter how much we pay
Our final mix sucks anyway
We play like shit, we have no clue
We played a fool to deal with you

We don't need, Living End
We don't need, Lamb of God
We don't need, no Hatebreed
And we don't like you, you fucking slob!
Track Name: Ugly Russians
Don't like all your preaching
Don't like all your prates
We're degenerated crew
We are ugly brats

We are...ugly russians
Always on the run
We are...ugly russians
Hated by everyone

Don't give us any shit
Don't make us part of it
Don't teach us how to live
We are so sick of it

We are fucked up to the bone
You better leave us alone
No good girls would mess with us

Noone wants to deal with us
We are just a pain in the ass
No good feeling, no caress
We are just a pain in the ass
Track Name: Punk Rock Grandparents
You are not disabled ain’t you?
And your brain works quite right
You are not OD’ed, but you're full of shit
About everything you don’t like
Hey dad! We ain’t dead! You are dead! OK?
There was a scene in 80s
And in 90s it was just fine
But now it’s just a bunch of crap
You wish you were back in time
I don’t get your shitty talks
About how awful all the new bands
You are just old and you’re so much bored
It’s all just a grandpa’s laments
We all like the old stuff
And we wanna do something new, while you:
Cry about your old days, and hate those who are still young
Just sit on your ass, listen to “Civil Defense”
And say: Yeah, there were times!
It’s so sad to be old
And we are getting older too!
Maybe it’s just the age
Maybe soon we will be just like you
Hey Dad! We ain’t dead! You are dead! OK?
Track Name: No Fake Friends
No fake friends, no false affinity
No implicit authority
I don't need your family, don't need your crew
If you tell me what to do
Track Name: My Mother Said
My mother said: find your place in life
My father said: don’t waste no time
My brother said: stop playing a fool
My uncle said: learn a golden rule
My mother said: why don’t you grow up?
My father said: you’ve been a kid enough
My sister said: it’s time to be a man
My brother said: you gotta do what you can
My mother said: go to war
My girlfriend said: don’t want you no more
My brother said: are you fag or what?
My sister said: you’ll be better off dead
My cousin said: I’ll wait your ass to kick
My uncle said: hey, sonny, suck my dick
Mo mother said: I wish you’re not born
My father said: I wish you’re not born
Track Name: Loser Rock
Well, we gonna rocka to the snotty punk shit tonight
cuz everything is so fucked up
And tonight we gonna rock to loser rock

Well, I had little gal I called Sveta Bee
And this bitch broke up with me
And tonight we gonna rock to loser rock

She said she's gonna treat me wrong tonight
Cover my face with bloody tears tonight
And tonight we gonna rock to loser rock

Well, you're lazy fucker, you don't have a job
You live with parents and you are just retarded
And tonight we gonna rock to loser rock

We gonna scream and shout, we are so pissed
Break the bottles and cut our wrists
And tonight we gonna rock to loser rock

We gotta black leather jackets
and ripped white shirts
Covered with cum, piss and blood
And tonight we gonna rock to loser rock
Everybody rocking to loser rock
Track Name: Tough Friends
You came to our show
Looking for a drink, looking for a fight
You can easily beat me up
I know you and all your friends
You did it once, you will do it again
You came here to drink with your pals
Looking for reason to kick our ass

Mock us when we play, put down all the weaker ones
Feel superiority, cuz we don’t have tough friends!

You’re always with your gang
Showing off some strength
You think you're so tough
Make us feel so fucked-up
Track Name: Birth Of A Goat
Birth of a goat
Massive shitload
of the bands that were caught
giving birth to a goat

Make verses out of shards
Complacency, disregard
Pretentious assholes that were caught
Giving birth to a goat

I feel honor-bound
To do in right now
All the bands that were caught
Giving birth to a goat

Birth of a goat
Rise of a trend
Like father like son
Like holy shit

Sing their sad songs
Post-shams and neo-frauds
All the bands that were caught
Giving birth to a goat
Track Name: We Hate Your Guts
Hate to see them all around
Those redneck fuckers always put me down
Try to finish school you losers
Garbage boys go back to suburbs
All you jizzbags make me sick
Your attitude really lacks in wit
Macho pricks, think you have balls?
Go to hell, I hate you all

We hate your guts!

Don't mistake your friends with us
Better blow like-minded cops
Can you dig it, god-damned fools
We have nothing to do with you
You know you have shit for brains
Low IQ makes you so lame
Army-jocks and nazi-fucks
Criminals, keep your shit from us!

You know! I'm really sick and tired of you spoiling our fun
Fucking around with your bullshit, messing with us all the time
There is one thing you should keep in mind:
Someday the real rain is gonna fucking pig!
Track Name: Ha Ha Ha
originally by Flipper