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released July 2, 2015



all rights reserved


NIGGERS Новосибирск, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Sex Terror
We're on attack
Hide your daughters and wifes
We fight the State
For our freedom to rape

We spread our effect
Under-cover on working places
Recruit new comrades
Now they're marked with disgrace

We won't step back
Until nation's final glory
We'll fuck all up
This is revolutionary

We don't distinct
Asians, arabs, blacks and whites
In search for flesh
We seduce all forms of life

We have the strenght
To start a sex guerilla
We'll keep our pledge
Give all power to libido

We won't step back
This land's here for us to take
We built on cum
Our greatest rapist reich
Track Name: Round Date
At my round date
I'm extremely drunk
But I'm still trying luck
At my round date
I wish to get laid
With the pre-paid babe
At my round date
I put my sweaty grip
On whore with golden teeth

I'm so rough

At my round date
What a fucked up land
Can't buy after ten
At my round date
She left me that day
So let's celebrate
At my round date
Though you look like queer
Here man, drink my beer!
At my round date

I'm so rough
Track Name: She
she don't care
what new day brings
She don't mind
to stop living
She eats only
her mother's pills
It makes her heart beat at
fantastic speed
Her rich wardrobe
is left at rest
She spends time watching
herseif undressed

and when she's nude
room turns to an eye
she's watched by daylight
and shadows glare at night
she feels ashamed
she feels abused
she feels consumed
by alien life

As I've been told
she's strict and calm
her mother died
one year ago
since day of grief
she never leaves
her cold dark bedroom
noone visits
her bed with old sheets
is safest place
She spends time watching
herseif undressed

she feels ashamed
she feels abused
she feels consumed
She's screaming